The career switch after burnout and starting your own business.
The career switch after burnout and starting your own business.

Starting your own coaching business from your medical profession

During my weekly Women & Leadership LinkedIn Live, I struck up a conversation with Sandra Dobbelsteen, founder of "Wakeup to Life." Where Sandra shared her inspiring career switch from nurse to energy coach and health consultant. Her story of her personal transformation, resilience and pursuit of a life of meaning and fulfillment. How she started using her medical profession differently and leveraging her expertise ne potential to start her own coaching business.

The career switch

Sandra began her career as a nurse, driven by a deep-seated desire to help and support others in their health journey. However, after a drastic burnout in 2014, she was faced with the harsh reality of her own well-being and life choices. This experience served as a wake-up call, making Sandra realize she wanted to live her life differently.

With determination and courage, Sandra decided to shift her course away from traditional nursing and toward a path of health prevention and coaching. She founded "Wakeup to Life," a platform that helps people rediscover their energy, embrace personal leadership and pursue a life of vitality.

The power of energy and personal leadership

A central theme of Sandra's story is the power of energy, health and personal leadership. She strongly believes in the influence of positive energy on our well-being and performance. By sharing her own experiences, Sandra motivates others to identify and cultivate their own sources of energy.

Sandra stresses the importance of setting goals and taking actions to achieve those goals. For her, setting clear goals and taking concrete steps was essential to her personal growth and professional success. This often required making difficult choices and embracing change, but the result was a life more aligned with her deepest values and goals.

An inner journey to growth and fulfillment

Another important aspect we all face in our lives is our ability to overcome adversity and show resilience during difficult times. Sandra tells how her burnout served as a turning point, but also an opportunity to grow and come back stronger. By acknowledging and embracing her own struggles, Sandra was able to inspire others to face and overcome similar challenges.

The importance of self-confidence and belief in one's own abilities, is essential to one's leadership and position. Although she initially had doubts about her abilities and her path, she managed to regain her self-confidence by following her passion and staying true to herself.

Sandra Dobbelsteen's story is yet another confirmation for me to the many possibilities of transformation and growth, even in the most challenging circumstances. To live a life filled with purpose and meaning.

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