Your value is more important than ever before.

Increase your value to remain profitable in business now and in the future.

Innovative developments in the market are moving at lightning speed. Artificial Intelligence (AI), is going to have a big impact on your life and your business.

As a result, your differentiating position and value proposition are more important than ever before.

That requires you to remain strategically innovative and create more value to continue to grow future-proof and profitably.

Precisely by strategically smart business and by using Artificial Intelligence in your company, so you can spend your time on the things that matter.

Program onMarkably Profitable including Mastermind Artificial Intelligence

Cool comments from entrepreneurs who went before you

You are an ambitious entrepreneur ...

You started your business full of passion and energy. You are turning a fine turnover, but honestly expected more from itThere is more in you and in your business, but the don't manage to turn that into more customers and sales right now


You have felt for some time restless and your surroundings notice it too. Something has to change, because continuing this way longer, that comes at the expense of your life energy and enjoyment.  

Now how do you attract more customers, but then those top clients that you enjoy working with?

So how can you change your offerings to provide more value and raise your prices?  

And which business and revenue model suits you? 

But how do you do it smartly? Where do you start? 


That's how it can be done!

You know where you want to go and more importantly, you know exactly what steps are needed to get there. Namely a rock-solid (re)positioning and a strategic growth plan, allowing you to know exactly what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

That way you focus your days with precision and full of energy in. You feel free and spend your time on those things that really matter.

By the professionalization and optimization of your business processes you have room to new ideas and concepts elaborate to still make more impact

You have things back on track at home. Entrepreneurship gives you drive and energy and provides new developments, both personal development and in your business.

Does that sound like music to your ears?

For whom is the program onMarkably Profitable including Mastermind Artificial Intelligence ideally suited?
For ambitious entrepreneurs who:

What you get in the Program
remarkably Profitable
Mastermind Artificial Intelligence

1:1 working together
in a group of like-minded people

The unique power of this Remarkably Profitable Program


For 3 months you will work together 1:1 with me and in a group with like-minded people.

The exceptional opportunity to achieve your maximum profitable result in 3 months.

I am there for the 'HOW?' and the 'WHERE?' you will focus on. Not as a business coach with open questions, but as the Strategist with answers.Although I will coach you, because I would like to see you get the most out of it to both achieve your personal and business goals.

In the Mastermind is the power of group, where you can networking, can learn from each other and make you more impact can make by reinforcing each other.

No more having to convince, your customer is convinced of you.

You are paid for the value you offer, because you are worth it.

And you will live your high-quality life now and in the future.

Cool comments from entrepreneurs who went before you

This is the investment

Program Remarkably Profitable & Mastermind Artificial Intelligence

2197 Euro excluding VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

With my 20 years of experience from international business, I know better than anyone else what it takes and how to introduce and sell innovative products to the market. I have a proven track record in marketing, sales, business development, business strategy and pricing and revenue models.

I ran my own business with an atMARKily Profitable strategy within 6 months managed to set up. My proven strategy works, you can see that and will experience it guaranteed.

With my energy, I know how to inspire you and really get you to take action. Approachable POWER, that how my client managed to express it perfectly. 

So are now ready to take action and are you looking for an opMARKily creative concept thinker, a true innovative idea plopper, then I'm here for you.

I am there for the "HOW?" and the "WHAT?" you are going to focus on. 

Not as a business coach with open-ended questions, but as the Strategist with answers. 

I look at the developments and opportunities in the market and of course at you as a person. So together we realize your success formula, with which you will live and do business on your terms and you will DO those things that you are very good at, get energy from and know how to make an impact.

Program onMARKily Profitable is a group program and Mastermind, where over 3 months you can learn from and inspire each other both 1:1 and with a group of like-minded people. So here you can really leverage both 1:1 time with me and the power of the group.

Program Unlimited Freedom is my Premium 1:1 Program. This Program is really for those established top entrepreneurs who want to strategically innovate to grow to the top of their market. I will be your strategic sparring partner for 6 months and we'll work intensively together to establish you and your business as incomparable and we'll put in place your profitable strategic growth plan that will allow you to take your business and life to a higher profitable level, realizing growth in profits and freedom.

My Bonus Module Earning Models and generating multiple streams of income is offered only in Program Unlimited Freedom. Allowing you unlimited freedom to live and do business on your terms with financial peace of mind, freedom and future orientation.

If you are a start-up entrepreneur, who like me is serious about getting your business off to a good start from the very beginning? Then this can definitely be the success formula for you that will put you strong in the market and give you a flying start to your business.

Schedule a MatchCall with me and we'll discuss whether this is indeed the right program for you at the right time. I like to think along with you. I have already been able to give several ambitious start-up entrepreneurs a flying start and I would like you to do the same.

Yes, all recordings will be posted in the Online Academy. You can watch the recordings of the live Q&A sessions and Masterminds at a later time. 

Month 1:

Session 1: 

I start with a Masterclass in which I show you how you can use Artificial Intelligence smartly in your business. So that you are immediately aware of the latest developments and you know what opportunities Artificial Intelligence offers. Really mindblowing!

Session 2: 

Customer Strategy - How to use AI to identify your target audience and how to understand your customers' needs and preferences and translate them into your marketing activities. 

Product Strategy - What data you can use to develop new products. And how to optimize your current offerings.


Month 2:

Session 3:

Value proposition - How to use AI to improve your value proposition and create differentiation. We will look at different tools and techniques to help your customers even better. I will also show you how you can use AI to enhance your social media profiles (based on the input of your value proposition).

Session 4:

Marketing Strategy - How you can use AI to personalize your marketing message and achieve more. And how you are guaranteed to save time and costs here by using AI. 


Month 3:

Session 5:

Social media strategy - How to use AI to improve your social media strategy. What tools and techniques you can use to create and share content, measure and optimize your performance.

Session 6: 

Process optimization - How you can use AI to optimize your business processes. How you can integrate AI into your business operations/processes to save costs, work more efficiently and create more value for your customers. 

1. During each session, there is the opportunity to click on the hotseat take a seat. You bring in your issue, on which of course I will give you valuable feedback based on my knowledge and expertise, but especially the brainpower of the Mastermind. This is really an effective method where you directly get a valuable answer through the power of the group.
2. Update on latest developments and opportunities: I start each Mastermind with (short) update on the latest developments around Artificial Intelligence, so you are always up-to-date.
All Masterminds are recorded, so you can always watch back at a later time.

The power of Program onMarkably Profitable & Mastermind Artificial Intelligence to put yourself and your company in a strong position. 

I am blazing with enthusiasm and look forward to getting started together!

Collect all your questions and send them to me no later than the day prior to the live Q&A session. I will answer all questions during the live Q&A session. The benefit of this Program is that you will also learn from the questions of the other participating entrepreneurs. 

All live Q&A sessions are recorded, so you can watch them back at any time.

The investment of 2197 Euro excl VAT can be paid once or in two installments of 1147 Euro excl VAT.  

As a creative entrepreneur, you may be eligible for a contribution from the PPO Program.

PPO funds development plans for anyone working in the creative or cultural sector. Both for employees and self-employed people.

Go to the website for more information.

Yes, you can purchase the Program right away when you are convinced that you will get your opMARKily Profitable result is going to be achieved. 

If you still have questions or would like to discuss this Program or possibly 1:1 with me? Then schedule a MatchCall with me and we'll discuss what opportunities and possibilities I foresee for you.

No problem. The live Q&A sessions and Masterminds are recorded and you can watch those back after your vacation at your convenience. 

Feel free to email me at or through the contact form here on my website.