Leadership, Innovation & Growth.

Grow in Impact, Revenue & Freedom in your Life & Business


For Female Leaders in Business, Executives and Entrepreneurs who want to innovate and grow. They choose a quality life.




The Visionaries who make impact and know what they have to do in life.

- Women in Powerful Positions -

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High-Value Positioning & Business Strategist for innovation and growth


Strategic Leadership is an ongoing journey of Growth, Innovation and Personal and Business Development. By incorporating these insights into your weekly routine, you increase your ability to meet challenges, generate impact, increase profits and achieve freedom in Life & Business.

atMARKial Leaders who are profitable and future-proof businesses

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You are a visionary With big plans. You have already made great strides in your development and growth. Both on a business and personal level.

Deep inside you feel that er more in it, that your plan to change sth. in your life and/or your position in your business. You want to make more impact than you can live up to now.

Time for change, whereby you again feeling the satisfaction and challenge, standing strong as a leader in that position where you become Appreciated for the value you provide.

For it is clear that you miss leadership and opportunities for growth. 

You're looking for another strategy on how to increase your value and impact and is again fully challenged.

But then you don't have to work harder, on the contrary. On the contrary, you want to more time and freedom.

You want to spend your time on the things that really matter in a tfuture-proof and profitable business.

Innovate and Grow in Impact, Revenue & Freedom.

without Leadership & innovation no growth

change requires letting go of what is now and choosing what you desire....

Change is a constant in life. Changes lead to new developments and growth in the economy, society, as well as in your environment, in your private and personal life. Dat desire for growth and development also have in you

You are now on a crossroads in your life. You are successful and you are driven to make valuable impact. You need challenge and depth. But on the other hand, you long for more peace and freedom right now. 

You want your Being able to manage your own time again zunder pressure from home, from your clients or from above. You want your life and a profitable business Be able to integrate. Spending your time on those things that matter to grow in your life and your business. But then without compromising your level of ambition, income and growth opportunities.  

Now you are stuck in your system - 'your own rat race' - in which you also achieved and achieved so many successes. But you lacks the satisfaction and you become not sufficiently challenged. You feel like you have being lived instead of you living your life. Now are you Not the strong leader you want to be.

For your own health, your ambitions and your future, you can no longer stand still. 

Times are changing. So do you. You are choosing for yourself. You choose life.

LeaderschAp, Innovation & Growth

✓ Stand strong as a leader to achieve your ambitions and grow.

✓ Being challenged again, gaining more depth and surrounding yourself with leaders. Where you will be inspired, with whom you can spar on a level and in a trusted environment connect and strengthen each other.

✓ (expand) your value and strategically revamp your offering so that you create more value and remain responsive to the needs and demands of your top customers.

✓ A profitable strategy that keeps you leading relevantly and growing successfully in the changing market.

✓ Your life and your business is going to lead and you are spending your time on those things that matter.

✓ Achieve the breakthrough of your new growth and your business. Profitably grow in Impact, Revenue and Freedom in your life and your business.

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For Female Leaders in Business, Executives and Entrepreneurs who want to innovate and grow. They stand as strong and confident leaders and choose to live a quality life.

Innovation is crucial for Growth in your life and business and ensures that you can always offer the best value to yourself and your customers

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Empower your Value and Leadership
Create and add more Value
Grow in Life & Business



Cool comments from entrepreneurs who went before you

For Leaders on Strength for Growth

Strategy professional coaching

Strengthen your Leadership and increase your Value. This is how you position yourself ironclad.

I am there for the 'HOW?" and the 'WHERE?" you're going to focus on. 

Not as a business coach with open-ended questions, but as a the strategic business partner and advisor with answers. 

Though I will inspire, confront and prompt you to take the right actions, because I like to see that you are making every effort to achieve both your personal and business goals.

Taking advantage of your opportunities at the right time.

Looking at new opportunities and your value in the market and you as a person. This is how we realize your formula for success, with which you as onMARKable Leader is going to live your life and do business on your terms. Spending your time on those things that matter.

DOING what you are darn good at, energized by and know how to make an impact.

I help you achieve value-driven solutions through innovative concepts and profitable improvements. 

Strategically smarter business, so you will achieve more in less time.

Focus on Profit in Impact, Turnover & Freedom

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Strategic Consulting

Your Strategic Sparring Partner
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Unlimited Freedom

Your Strategic Business Partner
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Success is a choice

Success in your life depends greatly on the degree of focus you have in your actions and in