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I now combine a challenging and growing business with my family.

I feel my freedom and am now doing the things I am cracking at, energized by and making an impact with.

I am a distinctive creative with an unbridled bucket of energy.

No 13 in a dozen, just being myself. Gerdi, wife, mother, daughter, sister, family and friend.

My strength is my energy, with which I know how to inspire people to take steps that will really help them move forward/progress.

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Healthy and fit business

I am an innovative concept thinker.

My brain is a true idea picker and I communicate openly, directly with a twist of humor.

For years I have been working on creating multiple streams of income, how to make my money work for me and how to live in financial independence, freedom and future-proof.

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I get energy from people with ambition, who want to make more impact. Those who take action, dare to change, to innovate in order to be able to grow further.

Grew up in Heino, a rural village just below zwolle.

I was brought up on studying, working and saving for later. Just act normal, you'll be crazy enough and above all, don't want to stick your head above the parapet.

After studying Health Sciences, I entered commercial business. I worked for 20 years for large international corporate companies introducing innovative products.

Collaborated in matrix teams in marketing & sales, on market positioning, pricing strategies, product launches and strategic business development.

And with an external network within government, authorities, insurers and content professionals.

Collaborate to bring new innovative products to market at the right position and value proposition.

Hugely challenging, learned a lot and had an absolutely great time.


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I can combine my scientific knowledge with my 20 years of experience from the commercial international business community.

The perfect combination of my creative thinking expertise and innovative growth strategy.

The Corona lockdowns gave me much insight. My tightly planned and regimented life was wildly disrupted. I felt that for a long time I had not been doing the things that energized me. On the contrary, I was not sufficiently challenged in my work. The strong will was there, but my energy, my enjoyment of my work and life was waning.

I wanted to get out of the rat race into freedom, live confidently and had a burning desire to take a new step. This is where the idea of starting my own business was born. The seed had been planted.  

I was about to sign a very good contract. All I had to do was sign it. I couldn't do it, the dream of taking another step and starting for myself was bigger than the security of a steady income. 

I made the decision with confidence and made the BOLD MOVE after 20 years of employment.

Out of employment and started my own company Health & Business Strategy AND back to living and doing business on my terms.

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible

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My mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs become noticeably profitable by being back on the market with an irresistible offer and a strategic growth plan, by organizing their lives and businesses in such a way that they DO the things they are great at. , get energy from it, make an impact and be able to BE of added value in YOUR OWN WAY.

I am convinced that you will thenreally can live and do business in unlimited freedom on your terms = UNLIMITED FREEDOM.

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I live and undertake on my own terms. Living a life in which anything is possible.

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Remarkable facts

I stand out for my energy, my speed and simplicity of action and thought. No fuss, wooliness and long-windedness. 
Energetic, driven, incisive, results-oriented, concept thinker, idea pitcher, get to the point quickly, with an eye for detail, practical and creative are my qualities. 
Both business and private, I see through and oversee very quickly what it takes to achieve my goals.  Determined and daring to take risks, I proceed. Goal-oriented and with a winner's mentality. YES, that's me.
Furthermore, I have been growing my assets for years by investing and generating multiple sources of income. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and personal experiences about investing in my business and other assets, creating a money mindset and the strategies that make a difference for me.
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