Collecting can be learned

Do you let yourself get out of the running or do you stand strong on your leadership position?

Entrepreneurship is personal development 3.0. The challenges, the bloopers, the successes, the misses, they come and go. And have given me so many more new insights, lessons and growth in my own business over the past few years than in the 20 years of corporate business. 

Aside from - or perhaps in part because of - specific challenges that hit some markets/industries harder than others, leaders and entrepreneurs are running into their own challenges these days: changes in the market due to technological advances, the growth in the number of self-employed individuals and companies, how much supply, automation and professionalization, keeping your business relevant and at the same time forward-looking, to name a few. 

As a Business Strategist & Partner for leaders and entrepreneurs, I successfully navigate them through these dynamics. Strategic Leadership, innovation and growth strategies guide them. But there appears to be one more that sets successful leaders apart: Resilience for profitable growth.

Strategic Leadership - standing strong in your position to address change and continue to grow profitably and successfully.

  • Impact
  • Turnover
  • Freedom

How well can you collect?

As an ambitious leader and entrepreneur, it always chafes. The question is where and when. If it doesn't chafe on a personal level, it will chafe on a business level. After all, your business will not grow any further than you as a leader. They go hand in hand and when you encounter a new growth and/or change, you experience restlessness, stagnation, frustration, limitation in fulfillment/energy/time/freedom...

The question is, "How do you deal with discomfort and growing pains? How well can you cash in when things chafe, when things don't go your way? 

Resilience is a crucial trait for leaders. Changes, adjustments, new processes and structures - they spring back into old patterns unseen and unconscious if you don't work on them. 

As a leader and entrepreneur, you must be prepared for unforeseen and unpleasant challenges. Adverse numbers, hassles with technology/team members/externals, complaints, etc. Leaders who are flexible and resilient (and therefore better able to absorb) are able to respond to these more quickly and immediately. 

Resilient leaders are more successful. They know how to hold their own in tough times and weather those lesser ones better. With the added benefit, mostly they come out stronger, because in the meantime they know how to learn from the challenges, their "mistakes" and adjust their strategy and action accordingly.

How can you cope better with change and difficult situations?

The three components of resilience are control, acceptance and involvement. The components that give you mental strength to cope with any challenge, that occurs in your daily life and in your business. To deal with setbacks and difficult situations, you will have to be able to endure and manage mental challenges (such as your fears, negative thoughts (the Gremlins 😊)). Leaders with great resilience can adapt better and faster and possess the ability to turn challenges into opportunities and new possibilities for growth. Essential, then, for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to change and innovate in order to continue to grow successfully. 

  • Having guts and going VOL for it, no matter how exciting and uncertain it is. 
  • Letting go of what is now loose and focusing on what is to come. 
  • Accepting that things will not always go as you would like, and then not giving up. Just keep going with persistence and drive because you have the bigger picture, your goal, your vision in mind for which you do what you do. 
  • Stay strong on your leading position. As I then metaphorically imagine it- don't dive into the wings but stay strong on your spot on your stage. 
  • Staying engaged and connected. First, with yourself, your self-esteem and self-love. To be able to be and remain so with others as well.

What is resilient leadership?

Resilience is the ability to adapt to changing situations and to recover after stressful events or setbacks. Resilient leadership requires developing a visionary and opportunistic mindset. It is about your mental strength, to face challenges and learn and grow from them. Allowing you to be stronger next time during difficult and challenging periods. Because they are, they come and they go.

How do you increase resilience?

You can increase your resilience by:

  • Accept the situation and your feelings about the situation
    • Don't linger in anger, passivity or victimization, but acknowledge what happened
  • Continue to develop and grow yourself
    • Identify your potential, your geniuses, strengths and work on them.
  • Manage your energy sources: effort/relaxation, energy givers/energy leaks
    • Focus on what you can influence rather than what happens to you. This helps you maintain an optimistic perspective.
  • Ask for help and seek support from others - surround yourself with the right people
    • Work on strong network both business and personal, those who nurture you, uplift you and genuinely want to support you, help you move forward.
  • Focus on what you can influence rather than what happens to you
    • Develop self-confidence and self-direction. Focus on the space, where you can (adjust) and (guide).
  • Think from possibilities, solutions and opportunities (rather than losses)
    • Work on your growth mindset and assume what there is to gain/what the growth opportunity is (rather than what you have to lose).

Being resilient is important because: you experience less stress, you perform better and you get more pleasure and satisfaction out of your life. 

Without peaks no lows to then be able to peak again

Ups and downs, we all have them in our lives. The better you know how to accept and act on them, the faster you will be able to peak again from a valley. And the faster you can handle setbacks and get back on your positive mindset and on your course to profitable growth.


As in sports - my great outlet and which I enjoy immensely and get energy from. Incassoing can be learned. You can train your resilience. With peaks and troughs, mentally and physically fit, well fed and rested - then no mountain is too high, you keep taking steps (even with a 1 year old child (photo above right). 😊)) and also get an occasional right from unexpected quarters, who know how to take blows and laugh on. Carry on in your own strength again pounding on to achieve new successes.

Stand in your leadership position and create a life in conjunction with your business where challenges are seen as opportunities for growth and development. And where setbacks are the lessons and insights for your personal and business growth and your increase in value in the future. 

 One Life. Lead it. Live it.

Have a great week,


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