My Notably Profitable Favorites

On this page you will find myBRANDly Profitable favorite workouts, books, tools and equipment.

These are my favorites, which have contributed to my personal- as well as business-growth, allowing me to live and undertake smarter and unlimited freedom on my terms, so that I can  Now I can DO what I am darn good at, energized and know how to make an impact.

Affiliate Marketing Revolution - Jacko Meijaard

For years I have been working on creating multiple streams of income, how to make my money work for me and how to live in financial independence, freedom and future-proof.

In my Unlimited Freedom Program, I offer a Additional Module - Earnings models and multiple revenue streams to, where I share my own earnings models and my various revenue streams with my clients.     

Affiliate Marking is one of the revenue models, and it all started with the purchase of Jacko Meijaard's Affiliate Marketing Revolution.

The Online Marketing Tornado - IMU

To delve further into online marketing, I purchased The Online Marketing Tornado including the course. Gained a lot of knowledge about SEO, Email marketing, funnels, affiliate marketing, revenue models through memberships and community building.

Tools that allow me to do business efficiently and smartly

Quickstart - I use for my administration, bookkeeping, invoicing. Clear program with many possibilities and a good working Helpdesk in the Netherlands. Learn more about Snelstart.

Canva - I use for designing my social media and marketing materials. I now have a Canva Pro account, so I can take advantage of all the options and templates in Canva. Learn more about Canva.

Mailblue - I use for my Email Marketing, including my funnels and mailings to the people on my email lists of my monthly opMely Profitable news updates from the market. Would you also like to be notified monthly and receive my opMely Profitable updates in your mailbox? Then sign up here to.

Learn more about Mailblue.

Plug&Pay - With Plug&Play you can create a payment page with upsells for your product(s) in minutes and process an unlimited number of orders. Also includes affiliate system that allows you to generate recurring commissions.  

If you use Mollie, then you can link it to Plug&Play, allowing you to optimize your payment page. Via this link you can Plug&Play free trial.

For my office and Equipment so that I can work efficiently and ergonomically

Microsoft Surface Pro laptop

I chose a Surface so that I can use it as both a tablet and a laptop. And what I find very practical is that the touch screen allows me to browse through websites and documents very conveniently.

Logitech keyboard and mouse

I then chose to buy a separate keyboard and wireless mouse with it, so that I can work at my desk as efficiently and ergonomically as possible.

HP Elitedisplay E27 G4 Full HD Monitor - 27 inches (dual)

Two large 27-inch monitors are really a must have for me. Seriously, this is really a breath of fresh air. It allows me to open multiple programs at the same time, allowing me to see much more at a glance and work faster.

Bose QuietComfort with Noise Cancelling

The quality of the sound when I listen to music or a podcast is excellent, and the noise cancellation is absolutely super, especially when I want to work quietly and undisturbed. Truly a godsend. Well worth the investment.

Blue Microphones Yeti X

Perfect microphone that I use during streaming, online meetings and also for my podcast, which I will start later this year.

Webcam Logitech C920

I use this webcam for my calls and master classes. Sound and picture are both excellent.

Ring lamp (LED lighting) on tripod and with remote control 

Ideal for recording videos and very convenient to use. Ideally height adjustable and you can adjust the brightness as well.

Affiliate marketing is one of my sources of income. An affiliate promotional link means that you just pay the same as normal (and can usually make your purchase with a discount or an extra benefit), but I get paid a commission for promoting it. The links above are affiliate links.

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Then follow my Program Unlimited Freedom, where I share with you my different sources of income and work with you to make a plan on how you can start to realize the same in your life and business.