Leadership and freedom in your life and business 

"Always be seeking, connecting, solving, asserting, believing, seeing and testing. The other way to read this is: always be wrong. Well, not always. Sometimes, you'll be right. But most of the time, you'll be wrong. That's okay."

Seth Godin

Do you "happen" to have something to learn?

Coincidence does not exist? Whether there is, I leave that in the middle. What I do know and experience is that things come my way that want to make me realize something, that mirror and trigger me. I see it as life's way of giving me a nudge and letting me know that I have something to learn, that is not on track or, on the contrary, that it is an opportunity to grow. 

Does something happen to come your way? Then you may close your eyes, not wanting to face it, because it is too big for you at that moment. Or because you do not dare to face it and want to deal with it. Then it often comes your way again at a later moment in a different form and then it is up to you what you are going to do with it? Do you want to face it and are you ready to deal with it and learn and grow?

If so, you will go back to trying new things and not being afraid to fail along the way. Don't let perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome or whatever it is we all suffer from that stops us, keeps us small and keeps us waiting.

Because then what are you waiting for? So what is the right time?

Waiting for the right moment

That's like living in the waiting room, waiting for ... Yes, say it. What are you actually waiting for? Are you hoping someone will come and get you? Or waiting until you achieve xyz? Until the kids are older? Until you retire? Or do you wait until you are sure, that it works, that you can do it, that you.... 

All reasons to think of why you put it off and thus choose that it remain as it is now.

During my school days, studies and my career in business, I often let myself hold back, made myself small, because I wanted to be able to do everything perfectly, to do it perfectly and to get the best results. During my studies, I always went for a 10, or even stronger for a 10+. And during my career in corporate business, I saw the reward of successes as well as the punishment of a failed effort reflected in my evaluation and bonus. A bizarrely wrong incentive that was counterproductive for me and my perfectionism. Because the fear of making mistakes and doing it perfectly were actually negatively linked to money. 

My attitude toward failed attempt is no longer tied to the result. I have completely let go of that, because now in my own business I no longer wait, but I go for it. Because I know, the more I try, the more often I make mistakes and the more I learn. Through which I grow again, both personally and professionally. That is liberating living after 40+ years of living in my rat race and bounded perfect life 😉.

leadership and freedom

Living and doing freely and DOING what you are good at and energized by. Facing challenges, overcoming them and achieving your goals far beyond what you previously thought possible.

Leadership and freedom in your life and business 

Living a life in freedom is not a dream, but the result of your own leadership, perseverance, drive and knowing what you have to do and going for it. With peaks and valleys to then peak again. Constantly learning, appreciating, adapting and applying your new lessons and insights. Living in freedom and on your own terms gives room for innovation and change and leads to new growth. 

Leadership is not a destination, not a waiting game, but a continuous development process of value creation, change and growth. Every day is a new day of opportunity where, as a visionary leader, you create new value, learn from your successes and all the more from your failed attempts. And in doing so, inspire and motivate others to reach their highest potential and goals. 

Rather imperfect actions than perfect inactions

Leadership and freedom in your life and business and to no longer let perfectionism, the fear of making mistakes, or the fear of losing hold you back. But to accept imperfections and move forward even when things are not perfect. No one is perfect, because then when is something perfect? Mistakes and failed attempts are proof that you are at least doing and trying. That you are not continuing to wait and live your life from the waiting room, but that you are part of the life of learning. 

I summarized my lessons in my Framework: Stop perfectionism and lead your new growth and successes.

Framework: Stop perfectionism and lead your new growth and successes

The price of perfectionism is the life you could have lived. Trying to be perfect costs you much more in the long run than making mistakes in the short run. It leads to overthinking, delays and missed opportunities. 

No more living perfectly in the waiting room in the meantime. But leading your life and your business toward new growth and successes.

In my 8-step framework, I show you how to overcome perfectionism, not overthink everything and stop procrastinating. 

1. Done is better than perfect

Take this as your guide. Don't wait until everything is perfect before you begin.

Implementation > Indecision

As I quote above. Better to have failed attempts than to do nothing at all, because then you can be sure nothing will change.

2. Perfectionism is an illusion

Perfectionism doesn't exist because when is it perfect? It is like a Gremlin constantly telling you that you are not good enough and that you can do better. What is more important is that you start before you are ready so that you learn quickly by constantly sharing, evaluating and improving your work.

3. Every day 1% better 

"If you get one percent better every day for a year, you end up being thirty-seven times better by the time you finish." 

- James Clear

So focus on improving, day by day. 

4. Document your successes and your mistakes on

Write daily about your successes, your failed attempts and lessons learned. Publish about them daily. I share my writing daily on X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, my website and my Empowered Letters. But also in my own journal and Archive Positive (my archive where I get warm and valuable comments and reviews in addition to successes)

5. Learn and grow from your own experience 

Doing →Analyzing → Learning → Iterating → Repeating

Apple did not launch the perfect IPhone. They tested, learned and iterated. Strength lies not in intelligence, but in the ability to launch things ready for 80%. 

Learn by doing, not just by thinking.

6. Start before you are ready

Don't overthink it. Share your work as a pilot/first version and then adjust it as you go along. Perfection is the enemy of progress. I do my best every day. I read, learn and write every day, listen to endless YouTube/podcasts and refine my own business strategy, business processes and systems (my frameworks)

This is how I build leverage every day. And the compound effect over time is huge. Investing to grow personally, professionally and financially. I also write about it weekly at www.investeerjij.nl.

7. Take new actions daily

I focus on taking my actions daily. Focused actions increase your chances and successes. Because you don't want your success to depend on chance but to choose to succeed. Choosing to do the right things at the right time, for and with the right people to achieve your goals.

8. Embrace the process

Celebrate your small victories along the way. Perfectionism is a curse that blinds you so you can't see how far you've come. So as a sports fanatic, I often say, Remember that you can't see the finish line from the beginning. The gold can be found during the marathon, not just at the end. 

These are my 8 lessons learned, my cure for perfectionism. And now as a leader to lead my own new growth and successes in my life and my business.

From the rat race now living in freedom and doing business on my terms. 

What about you? Do you let something/someone hold you back? Or do you choose freedom?

One Life. 

Lead it. 

Live it.

Have a great week,


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Books that have helped me 

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