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Thanks to these tips for making strategic and smart use of your content, you will have a content strategy that will help you reach more customers.

Content strategy: this is how to make smart use of your content

Content strategy: how do you strategically make smart use of your content that allows you to reach more customers?

As an entrepreneur, you want your services and products to be seen. So you create content for that purpose, to share with your target audience. But as an entrepreneur, you also recognize the following: creating content takes time. And your time is precious, because you want to make an impact on as many people as possible. You can't achieve that by haphazardly sharing content. No, if you really want to become opMARKable, it is important that you have a content strategy have. In this blog, I'll show you how to smartly deploy your content.

Choosing short- and long-term strategy

Are you focusing primarily on the short-term or long-term with your content strategy now? Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. When you choose a long-term strategy, you take the time to plan your content based on your goals and objectives. With a short-term content strategy, on the other hand, you focus on quick fixes and results. For example, a short-term strategy is useful for boosting immediate sales results.

For example: using Google Ads campaigns to rank #1 in Google the very next day. You immediately get more traffic to your website, which increases the chance of sales. But once your budget runs out, this traffic falls away, because you've lost your purchased number 1 position in Google. And that's why it's so smart to bet on a long-term strategy in addition.

In long-term content strategy, for example, you focus more on how to corporate growth stimulates by creating more organic traffic to your website. You blog twice a month, create sales pages and create content for social media. It's not something you'll do tomorrow more clients as a marketer or coach, but in the long run. Thanks to your blogs, you build expert status. You make yourself stand out in the marketplace. It's a way to be engaged with your personal branding. All things that make your top clients choose you. And when the budget runs out, you'll still have good content waiting to be used.

Repurpose your content

We all have 24 hours in a day. Now, how many hours a day do you spend creating new content? And what percentage of this content do you reuse? Probably your answer is around 80% for creating new content and only 20% of your content you reuse. 

There is much to be gained there. How? By turning it around. Spend less time creating new content and more time reusing content. Here your focus is not on creating new content, but rather you take a closer look at the valuable content you have already created. In what ways can you re-present this content to the world?

For example: you post two blogs on your website every month. You also share this content through your Instagram Account in the form of posts or stories. Or you compile the tips and turn them into an e-book. Another fun one: you turn it into an infographic to share on your LinkedIn. Such an infographic helps make some longer material easier. You can also review old posts and update them with new information. Or maybe just supplement it with the responses to your content and repost with that. When doing this, look mainly at content that did well. What can you improve?

The result of reusing content = time saved for you!

Now you may be thinking: but by reposting the same content I am boring my followers. But on average, we get to see 3,000 (advertising) posts a day. This does not mean that we consciously absorb, read or act on all those messages. So for your followers, it's a good repetition of something important. And along the way, you'll also gain new followers who haven't seen your old posts yet. Because your top customers are all at different stages in the customer journey. For all those phases you have different content that you strategically reuse.

I also sometimes say: you have a pond with all the guppies that become cage carp. And before you catch all those cage carp, you do have to grow new guppies.   

Leveraging content multi-functionally

To continue on the smart use of your content in your content strategy, it is wise to do omnipresence. For example, I use 1 masterpiece from which I create multiple content pieces for different platforms.  

What does that look like in practice? You may know that YouTube is the most widely used search engine in the world next to Google. And Google is also increasingly showing you relevant videos from YouTube among the results when you search for a particular search term. As a result, I am betting on video marketing. For example, I create vertical shorts and longer video content. 

But I don't just use this content for my YouTube channel. The audio clip also comes back on my podcast channel. I get information from it again to incorporate into a blog. And information comes back from it for a post on my LinkedIn page and Instagram Page. So this is how I strategically handle my content.

"Strategically smart business and spend your time on the things that really matter."

I am currently setting up and developing my omni presence content strategy. Where I create different types of content for my different social media channels based on my YouTube video (minimum 12 minutes). Because of my omni presence content strategy, I can create content for the whole week based on one masterpiece. So I only have to focus on my masterpiece and by setting up my framework. And by using a number of freelancers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as Keywords Insights, ChatGPT, Tubebuddy, Tube tensioner, Canva, Notion, Invideo) I have valuable content for the entire week for all my marketing channels that week.

Also read my blog: 5 Top AI tools for SEO and see how you can optimize your SEO to be better found by your target audience.

Take advantage of helpful tools

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is increasingly emerging and making work easier. It speeds up and improves work processes. Back in the day when I worked in business, but also now, I let AI work for me. For example, you have tools that help generate texts for inspiration and quick information retrieval. What's left for you to do then? Checking the text, touching up the text and your distinctive capability add to it. 

Another useful tool for content creation: Canva. It allows you to easily create templates for your posts on social media, so that your expressions always convey your unique positioning. This makes your posts a feast of recognition because you are consistent. This way you will be noticed in the market.

Do you want my Omni Presence Framework use and also optimize your content strategy? In less time, achieve more? I would be happy to discuss it with you.

More help with your content strategy

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