Program Unlimited Freedom

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For Leaders of the future who live high quality & unlimited free life and business on their own terms.

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Program Unlimited Freedom
Profitable Growth in Leadership, Value and Freedom
A high-quality and exclusive 1:1 Program in which you will create more value for you, your company and your assets through strategic innovation.

As a leader, spend your time and energy on the things that really matter and make more impact.

Future-proof and unlimited free enjoyment of life.

Cool comments from entrepreneurs who went before you

As an established entrepreneur and ambitious visionary, you have big plans

Your business is standing and you are achieving good results. Yet you know that you have more to offer and do in this life. 

Your expertise, ideas and ambitions are great, you are not here for that. How you increase your value and that new strategic growth for profit and freedom, that's the challenge. 

Now is the time to take action and change in order to grow again. Realize more profits and free yourself so you can spend your time and energy on the things that really matter.

from 1,500 Euro (excluding VAT) per month 

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the ability to deal with innovation and value creation is the opportunity to differentiate yourself.

Increasing your value to start living and undertaking unlimited freely

This is an exclusive offer, not for everyone. 


The added value I offer is entirely focused on you and your business. You are the leader and I stand beside you as a strategist in your business to give my knowledge, expertise and value directly to you, so that you can make your remarkable achieves profitable results and unlimited free Run your life and business on your terms.

Your value is magnified

Your high-quality offer

Your value proposition is incomparable

Your top customers, who appreciate you you

Strategy professional coaching
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Your prices are value-driven

Your value creation is innovative and profitable

The value of your assets from different income streams

Your future is valuable and you enjoy life unlimited freely because you are worth it

The MatchCall

ONLY FOR CLIENTS WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF AMBITION AND WHO TAKE ACTION TO CHANGE. This is an exclusive offer and not for everyone!
In my Exclusive 1:1 Program, I work with established entrepreneurs, the visionaries with ambitious plans, who think big and really want to make an impact. They know they have more to offer and do in life. These are top clients who make choices and are willing to continue where others stop. Are you one of those top clients with top athletes mentality? Going for profit and success? Then this Premium Program could be the route to your unlimited free life.

During our 1-on-1 strategy conversation (no obligation), you'll discover within 30 minutes what new growth opportunities and possibilities lie ahead for you and your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The 1-on-1 sessions take place entirely online.

Optional 1-on-1 sessions can take place on location. If so, please contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.

With my 20 years of experience from international business, I know better than anyone else what it takes and how to introduce and sell innovative products to the market. I have a proven track record in marketing, sales, business development, business strategy and pricing and revenue models.

I managed to set up my own business with an opMarkably profitable strategy within 6 months. My proven strategy works, you can see that and you are guaranteed to experience it.

With my energy, I know how to inspire you and really get you to take action. Approachable POWER, that how my client managed to express it perfectly. 

So are ready to take action now and are you looking for an opMARKable creative concept thinker, a true innovative idea plopper, then I am here for you.

I am there for the 'HOW?" and the 'WHERE?" you're going to focus on. 

Not as a business coach with open-ended questions, but as the Strategist with answers. 

Although I will inspire you, confront you and push you to take the right actions, because I like to see you pull out all the stops to achieve both your personal and business goals.

I don't just help with knowledge, I mainly help you apply this knowledge effectively and easily, so that you will actually achieve your ambitious goals. This is REALLY helpful.

I look at developments and opportunities in the market and, of course, at you as a person. So together we realize your formula for success, with which you ONMARKably Profitable is going to live and do business on your terms and you are going to DO those things What you are dazzling at, energized by and know how to make an impact.

This Program can are suitable for start-up entrepreneurs who have a clear picture of what they want to do. Schedule a free strategy session with me, because opportunities and possibilities for a flying successful startup, they are out there. I've proven that. And when you, like me, go full steam ahead and take action, you can too.

My Program Unlimited Freedom can be paid in installments. Let's discuss this and schedule a MatchCall.


As a creative entrepreneur, you may be eligible for a contribution from the PPO Program.

PPO funds development plans for anyone working in the creative or cultural sector. Both for employees and self-employed people.

Go to the website for more information.

No problem, then sessions can be scheduled flexibly.

I always schedule a MatchCall, because I feel it is important that we both feel the energy and drive, that you are going to achieve your opMARKable Profitable Results in our collaboration.

Sometimes I refer you if I feel you can get your desired results with someone else.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or through the contact form here on my website.