Customized Strategic Advice

New opportunities for growth, don't let them go unnoticed.

Don't miss out on winnings

Tailored strategic advice for your business that you can put to work immediately.

New opportunities and growth possibilities for your business.

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complete focus on you and your business.

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a innovative & concrete strategic advice with new opportunities and growth possibilities, with which you yourself will work to improve your ambitious targets to be achieved.

Is this what you need right now?

The feeling that you finally have someone to spar with at level, an expert with 20 years of experience in international commercial business. Who knows better than anyone how to create BIG opportunities with a rock-solid position in the market and a distinctive strategic plan.

Then book a customized Strategic Consultation with me. After our kickstart meeting, we'll immediately go full steam ahead to spar and brainstorm innovative and strategic opportunities and growth possibilities.


Advice by the hour or a full day, just what you need right now.

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Strategy professional coaching

Concrete strategic advice with innovative ideas and profitable growth opportunities that you can put to work immediately and take your business to the next profitable level.

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Guaranteed that after our conversation, you will drive home satisfied and full of energy and feel: THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

I am your Innovation & Strategy Sparring Partner, re-energizing you to see new perspectives and growth opportunities to achieve your goals. Even better, to exceed them.

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As an energetic Business Strategist with 20 years of experience in positioning and introducing innovative profitable products, I will help you establish your rock-solid position in the market and grow your business!

By getting back to DOING the things that make you tick, energize you and make more of an impact, and you get back to living and doing business on your terms.

Online kickstart session

Prior to Innovation & Strategy Day, we schedule an online kickstart session.

We'll discuss what you want to focus on during your Innovation & Strategy Day, so we can get started right away on your day.

Personalized assignments for preparation 

Customized Strategic Advice

We start immediately with a deep-dive. We brainstorm your ambitions and innovative growth opportunities and create a first concept plan.

During the break you can edit your concept plan and make choices about what you want to work on concretely with me in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we will lay out your strategic plan, so that at the end of the day you know exactly what action you are going to take in the coming months to make that ambitious new step in your business and take your business to the next level.

Follow-up collaboration

Follow-up after the Innovation & Strategy Day to answer your final questions.

When you opMARK that you would like to collaborate further with me? Then you will receive 10% discount on any collaboration for next 12 months.

Your Custom Strategic Advice

Concrete and direct Customized Strategic Advice

  • Your strategic advice with innovative and profitable opportunities, which you will work on yourself, so you know exactly what you are going to do to make your company again to the next profitable level.

This is the investment

Strategy Day
1899 Euros (excluding VAT)

Strategic Advisory Conversation
349 Euro (excluding VAT) per hour

New perspectives and growth opportunities that you can put to work immediately

Cool comments from entrepreneurs who went before you

Frequently Asked Questions

The occasional full day of brainstorming and reflecting on your business, how often do you do that? Or really go in depth with a strategic entrepreneur to discuss your ambitious goals and innovate to achieve even more impact and growth? 

Tailored strategic advice = full focus on new opportunities and growth possibilities for your business. We brainstorm on your strategic issues and realize your innovative & strategic advice immediately, so you know exactly what you are going to do to achieve your goals.

You can book Bespoke Strategic Advice for a single session for 349 Euro excl VAT per hour or a full day for 1899 Euro excl VAT.


Book a Strategy Day:

Then we'll schedule a kickstart meeting prior to your Strategic Day, so we can get right to work full of focus on the scheduled day.

In the morning we start with a deep-dive. We spar and brainstorm about your ambitions and innovative growth opportunities and create a first concept plan. During the break, you can edit your concept plan and make choices, which you can work with me on in the afternoon. 

At the end of the afternoon, you will have a concrete & strategic plan of action on the table, which you will use to work on your own to achieve your ambitious goal(s). 

Within 2 weeks, we will schedule another follow-up meeting to answer your final questions and discuss possible further collaboration.

Customized Strategic Advice is suitable for ambitious entrepreneurs, who already have a business up and running and are now looking for the strategic sparring partner, who directly helps them with innovative concepts and profitable opportunities, so that they are able to take their business to a higher profitable level with renewed strategic advice.

Are you a starting entrepreneur with a concrete business plan in mind? And are you looking for a business strategist, who will help you with a rock-solid positioning and a strategic growth plan, so that you can stand out from your competitors and take your company to the next level? 

Then check out my Program onMarkably Profitable & Masterclass Articficial Intelligence, where we work together for 3 months both 1:1 and in a group of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs.

Schedule a MatchCall with me to discuss whether Strategic Consulting tailored actually matches your needs. If so, we'll put the agendas side by side and schedule your customized Strategic Consulting right away.

These sessions take place entirely online.

Optionally, a Customized Strategic Advice hello on location. Please contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.

With my 20 years of experience from international business, I know better than anyone else what it takes and how to introduce and sell innovative products to the market. I have a proven track record in marketing, sales, business development, business strategy and pricing and revenue models.

I managed to set up my own business with an opMarkably profitable strategy within 6 months. My proven strategy works, you can see that and you are guaranteed to experience it.

I am there for the 'HOW?" and the 'WHERE?" you're going to focus on. 

Not as a business coach with open-ended questions, but as the strategist with answers. 

Although I will inspire you, confront you and push you to take the right actions, because I like to see you pull out all the stops to achieve both your personal and business goals.

I don't just help with knowledge, I especially help you apply this knowledge effectively and easily, so that you will actually achieve your goals. This is REALLY helpful.

I look at developments and the opportunities in the market and, of course, to you as a person. In this way, together your formula for success, with which you ONMARKably Profitable is going to live and do business on your terms and you who will do things that you are darn good at, energized by and know how to make an impact.

I always schedule a MatchCall, because I feel it is important that we both feel the energy and drive, that you are going to achieve your opMARKable Profitable Results in our collaboration.

Sometimes I refer you if I feel you can get your desired results with someone else.

Feel free to email me at or through the contact form here on my website.