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Innovating, optimizing and developing yourself and your business will ensure that you become distinctive in the marketplace.

Innovating and optimizing as an entrepreneur is how you do it - 6 tips

Innovate and optimize as an entrepreneur: 6 tips to improve your business and yourself

Growth is inherent in change. Without change, no growth - both personal and business. Each new phase of growth requires you to develop a new strategy. By renew and optimize as an entrepreneur, you create new opportunities and possibilities for yourself and your business. You strengthen your value proposition, change the structure and increase the profitability of your business. Innovate, adapt and develop: that is what makes you distinctive in the market. As a result, you and your offering will be noticed by those top clients with whom you prefer to work and for whom you offer the solution to their challenges. With these 6 tips you will become opMARKably profitable. 

Renew meaning = remake, refurbish, renew, restore and improve.

Tip 1: Put your customer first to renew your offering

Many business owners look at what their competition does and offers, only to offer the same at a lower price or better quality. While competing on these issues is difficult: only one can be cheaper or the best. To innovate and optimize your offerings, you know how to maximize your value to your customers and don't have to look for new opportunities with your competitors. Rather, look at what the needs and wants of your top customers are. Ask yourself what problem the customer solves with your service or product. What is his or her need? And how does your offer connect to that?

This allows you to rediscover and strengthen your place, your position for your services and products in the market. This not only makes you distinctive, it makes you incomparable as your value proposition cannot be matched by any competitor, because only you can do what you do best, with your energy and the impact you make. Your top customers will notice that, so you no longer have to convince them. Your top client is convinced of you.  

Tip 2: Optimizing business processes: don't work harder, but undertake smarter

Many entrepreneurs think that if they work even harder and accelerate even more, they will become more successful. Do things differently, instead of doing what you always did. Write out your business processes. In doing so, write down:

  • Should I do it?
  • Should I do it NOW?
  • Can I delegate it?
  • Am I going to eliminate it?

By outsourcing certain tasks, you get to DO what you are bang on about and make an impact. Plan, delegate and eliminate the things that are holding back your healthy business operations. This requires ongoing evaluation and implementation. It delivers more time, energy and impact. 

Read more tips on DOING less and becoming more profitable in my free e-book Doing 5x less, 5 x MORE Profitable

Tip 3: Have guts and dare to make mistakes

Ouch, growth hurts sometimes. You make new steps and don't know how they will turn out. So you have to go through some resistance and "growing pains," because your brain tries to keep everything the same as before. That's why you need guts and must dare to make mistakes. Let go of control, come up with new ideas, refine these ideas and develop them. And do you make a misstep? Then learn from that for next time. Don't see them as mistakes, but as tests for your new strategy. That is grow and innovate.  

Your company will not grow any further than you grow as the leader of your company. Therefore, keep developing yourself, both privately and professionally. 

Tip 4: Keep an eye on market developments

Your added value makes your value proposition rise. As a result, your sales increase. By keeping an eye on the market and your target audience and adjusting your strategy accordingly, you always give the most VALUE. With the best results you offer, you keep bringing in customers. The amount of your revenue is directly related to your delivered value to the market. By keeping your revamp business and focus on value for the market and your customer's (changed) demand, you focus on value-driven pricing, i.e., value-based pricing. 

The market is evolving, but so are you! By taking renew, optimize and continue to develop, creating new opportunities and possibilities for your business. 

'Transform change into value' 

Tip 5: Take good care of yourself and work on healthy business practices

A healthy and energetic entrepreneur is the foundation for a healthy and growing business. So don't spend your time only on your business, family and household, but put your health and fitness first. Sleep, for example, is a very important component for a fit and healthy body. Tap at least 7 hours to 9 hours of sleep per night so that you start your day rested. Also, try to exercise at least 3 times a week. Do something you really enjoy so that you can keep it up. Put your exercise appointments in your calendar and make it a routine.

And also take care of your body by nourishing it with healthy food. It is fuel for your body and mind and thus important to focus and perform well in your business. Do you want to optimize your personal and work life? So make sure you take care of your feeling fit.

Tip 6: Work with me to create a Profitable Growth Machine and revenue models

If you've been in business for a while and know there's more to you and your business, but see little room for growth opportunities within your current business and revenue model, it's time to get help. Discover with me HOW and WHERE you need to start to make more impact. Together we'll work on:

  • The conditions on which you want to live and work.
  • Your Distinctive Positioning, which gets you noticed in the marketplace by your top clients.
  • A Profitable Growth Strategy with a focus on your target market, your high-value and unmatchable offerings and your business.
  • Your Marketing Machine that allows you to effectively present and sell your service or product.
  • The earning model that suits your conditions, giving you more financial peace of mind and freedom.
  • The right mental and physical energy, so that as an entrepreneur you feel unique and energized, making you even more successful in business and in life.

During my Premium Program Unlimited Freedom we actively work on this together. And only in this Premium offer do we work together on your Earnings Model and generating multiple streams of income, so that you future-proof and work on your financial and unlimited freedom to live and do business on your terms.

Do you want to innovate and optimize your business and thereby grow it to the top of your market?

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