Entrepreneurship on your own terms

Achieve more in less time. 

That sounds like music to your ears, like dancing through life, doesn't it? 

Because you too want to grow and develop on a personal and business/professional level. Achieve more successes, reach your goals, learn new things and also grow financially. But not by working harder or having to invest even more time to achieve it.

And working hard is not a problem for me and gives me energy. Provided it is working on the things that matter, that allow me to make an impact and achieve results. 

Living and doing business on your own terms is like dancing to your own music

Creativity and freedom:

  • Set your own dance moves (course): Choose your own direction, passion and vision.
  • Develop your own style: Let your potential and skills resonate.
  • Create your own rhythm: Work at your pace and in your flow.

Challenges and responsibility:

  • No fixed pattern and imposed rules: Explore new possibilities, personal development 3.0 And learning from trial and error.
  • Improvise, innovate and collaborate: Find creative solutions to unexpected challenges and opportunities that arise.
  • Being responsible: being the leader, taking charge, making your own choices, and by doing it strategically smart, also managing the risks.

Fulfillment and enjoyment:

  • Fulfillment and passion: Experience the satisfaction of your own value creation and the impact you make
  • Learn and grow: Continually develop as an entrepreneur and person - and in entrepreneurship, that's level 3.0
  • Peers: Share your value with your top customers and connect with others - like-minded people.

And how is that with you?

Is there music in your life and business? 

Are you dancing to your own music?

Entrepreneurship on your own terms: this is important to me

Movement, adventure, doing multiple things, learning new things and that combined with music are a common thread in my life. I have been a big sports fanatic from a young age and I have also always had a second job in the sports industry as a trainer/instructor for 15 years (in addition to my full-time job in corporate business). And when the music is on, even during parties, I can be found on the dance floor. 

Dancing for me is not step-tapping. But dancing is like bobbing along to the music waves at parties, in my life and my business. And with the knowledge that change is the only constant in life, always looking for new waves that can take me further. And I see those new waves as new opportunities for growth.

Dancing to your own music (your own way) and your valuable sounds (your value) get others moving too. 

This is what makes entrepreneurship so beautiful for me. I can give and share my value with others in my own way, to make an impact, grow and move forward again. Allowing my clients, in their own way, to make more impact, reach more top clients and make more revenue. 

And then you don't have to work harder. But rather by strategically smarter adapting your business model, pricing and revenue model to your own value and terms. You start living and doing business on your own terms. Independence, peace and freedom - also financially.

Your result = profitable growth in Impact, Revenue and Freedom.

Financial independence, peace and freedom that allows you to spend your time on the things that really matter. 

Time for change

Wanting to change and take a new turn in your life and your business and your well-earned career. This has been playing in your mind for some time. And deep down you know you want this. But then again, you have it good right? You've already accomplished a lot and achieved successes. And are you then going to radically change course after all these years? 

Because now you know what you have and you don't know what you're going to get in return. Those thoughts are still holding you back now, because letting go of control, giving up your current position ... your status you have, but where do you stand when you start your own business? And never mind your current good salary and all the other fringe benefits that give you security and safety. Now, that's what you think.

So do you stay where you are and with the knowledge that everything will stay the "same"? Or is now your time? The time for change to dance in your own way again and move forward in your life and in your business?

Entrepreneurship is like dancing to your own music

A unique journey full of adventure, value creativity and personal development and growth

An experience for life that teaches you to trust your own potential, value and power.

A reward based on your value and the impact you make that gives you the satisfaction of creating something remarkably profitable. Profit for you and for your clients. 

There is more music in you:

Feel it, trust it and listen to your inner drive and go for your ambition. Because you know you have more to do in life.

Celebrate your successes. Enjoy the highs and learn from the lows.

Follow your heart: Stay true to your passion and vision. 

 One Life. Lead it. Live it.

Have a great week,


How can you work with me?

  1. Tailored Strategic Consulting - No need for a long-term collaboration? But do you need concrete and quick strategic advice, which you can start working with immediately afterwards? Can be scheduled directly for 1 hour or 1 day. 
  2. Program Unlimited Freedom - 16 weeks 
    In 16 weeks, a remarkable leadership position and a profitable strategy so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.
  3. Premium Program Unlimited Freedom - from 6 months based on subscription model. Completely free, based on your needs, I stand beside you as a strategic business partner. As a Leader of your Future where unlimited freedom to live and do business on your terms. Investing in your value, the value of your business and the value of your financial future.
  4. Women & Leadership: 5* Business Club
    An exclusive Women Leadership Business Club focused on visionary leadership, networking, cocreation, value-driven entrepreneurship and empowerment. Both online and offline (collaboration and networking), Business meetings, 5* Masterminds, Guest Speakers, company visits and mentoring. For highly educated ambitious women business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. Because you want to surround yourself with like-minded, driven and smart women who know what they have to do in life. Want to make an impact and grow personally and professionally.