generate leads from LinkedIn
Generating more leads from LinkedIn is done by posting consistently, responding with content, networking with other entrepreneurs and setting up your profile properly.

Generating leads from LinkedIn: here's how to do it!

Generate more leads from LinkedIn

You can generate leads and customers through your website, but also by being smart about your network through LinkedIn. But how do you do that? How can you get more generate leads from LinkedIn? During a live conversation on LinkedIn with Paula van Strien of StartNuOp, I shared my strategic tips on winning LinkedIn positioning. I am happy to share these tips with you in this blog, so you can get started right away. 

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What is lead generation and what is demand generation?

First, let's start with what lead generation and what demand generation is. Lead generation aims to get contact information from your leads, then warm up your leads and turn them into customers. Demand generation aims to increase your target audience's awareness of your BRAND and interest in your services or products. With lead generation, you attract as many of your target audience as possible to your free giveaway to collect contact information. So with demand generation, you make sure that as many people as possible are aware of your business by sharing your valuable content.  

Why use LinkedIn for lead generation and demand generation?

From time immemorial, LinkedIn has been a business tool for posting job openings and searching for new jobs. But these days the focus is not just on job postings and job seekers. For me, LinkedIn is the platform in which I feel like a fish out of water. It is the place to connect with my top clients. 

I really see LinkedIn as an online networking platform. And the trick is to be smart about your valuable network. It is a platform where you connect very well with others and position yourself well as a BRAND.

Content strategy for LinkedIn

When you corporate growth wants to achieve, it is important that you have a clear focus with a short- and long-term strategy. It's about sharing content, but it's also about connecting with your network. 

Focus primarily on sharing value with your posts, by responding (not with a like, but with a valuable comment), having an active presence on LinkedIn, strategically deploying and updating your (company) profile, and actively engaging your network
increase with new leads.

Share your personal stories

Something that works well to connect with your network is by sharing personal stories. Personal is different from sharing private things. What is private stays private for me. But I do share, for example, a personal story about something I went through with my son and in it I make a bridge to how I look at it from my entrepreneurship perspective. Or from the perspective of my personal development. These are precisely your distinctive characteristics that make you stand out to your top clients. It's the stories they recognize themselves in, that make them follow you. Do not write for the algorithm, but write for the target audience and do storytelling. Then you will stand out.

Consistency is key to generating leads from LinkedIn

You can post one LinkedIn post every month and hope that it will get you somewhere, but that's not how it works. You have to work consistently to more leads generate. Your network needs to encounter you on LinkedIn in multiple ways. So post several posts a week sharing your story, but also remember that you are running a commercial business. So you may also post a valuable commercial post once in a while. Be visible by responding substantively with a comment to someone else's post and share your valuable opinion. Also respond to comments on your post, this will ensure you connect with the other person. This is what it's all about if you want to generate leads from LinkedIn. 

Actively seek out your potential customers and wheelbarrows

Without action, nothing changes. So actively seek out where your potential customers are on LinkedIn. But also expand your network with wheelbarrows, these are other entrepreneurs and companies that have contact with your top customers and act as a wheelbarrow to get in touch with your top customers. And even from your current top clients, you can get new leads and clients again.

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs

In your network are also entrepreneurs with whom you can work well. You can help each other by sharing each other's posts and giving the other a stage. By actively and connectively networking, your network actually enriches. So look at how you can strengthen each other, but don't expect anything in return. Do it because you stand behind the other person's value.

Long-term strategy ensures success

I believe very strongly in sowing and reaping later. And that reaping doesn't even have to be with the same entrepreneur. You build a relationship with your network. As with dating, it takes a while before you move to the next step. With one entrepreneur or top client you feel a click, with another you don't. That's totally fine. But do you have a click? Then you'll find that in the long run, other entrepreneurs will refer clients to you. You can also do this back to entrepreneurs with whom you have a click. Eventually you then notice that clients come to you who have been referred and immediately schedule an appointment with you.  

Customize your profile

I think of your profile on LinkedIn as your personal store. Put your offerings on here, let your distinctive capability see and ask for testimonials from your clients so that your profile visitors also see social proof. As a starter, you don't have to start by building your own website; I also started without one and got (and still get) most of my clients from LinkedIn. If you make sure your profile looks good, that you stand out among your competition and you share and comment regularly, you can get clients - especially in the beginning - without a website. 

Being smart with your time

While there are tasks you can outsource to generate leads from LinkedIn, the platform remains personal. So I maintain my LinkedIn myself, to stay connected to my own network. Of course, you can schedule posts in advance through Hootsuite, for example, or have your VA do this for you. 

Cut your content into chunks to share on different platforms, so you're being smart with your time and the content you create. Like a video you post as audio on your podcast, which you have the script written out to post on your blog. From a blog you can make another 5 different post. And from your video you can make shorts again to share on TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn stories. You can also use Artificial Intellegence to work much faster and more effectively. See where you want to deploy what AI tools in business to generate content much faster.

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Work on your mindset

Do you have Gremlins (negative voices) in your head telling you that you can't share something on LinkedIn, blocking you? Then it's time to work on your mindset. Because you have value to offer and it's a waste if you let these voices in your head hold you back. Working on your mindset will ensure that you dare to post, respond and stand up for your value. 

Working to generate leads from LinkedIn

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