When are you successful now?

When are you successful now?

The truth? It is different for everyone. 

Everyone has their own definition of success. 

But most people don't spend time figuring out at all what success means to them.

At least now I know that success is not materialism. Not the job with top salary, the (lease) car, or an even bigger house....

I lived from "outside" to "inside" and did think this was important. It was part of the world I lived in. Until I left the "Golden Cave" of corporate business, after I had a number of successive setbacks to deal with and changed course literally and figuratively. 

Now I live from "inside" to "outside" and know what success for me. To achieve both success on a personal and business level.

From this mindset, the name of my company is also Health & Business Strategy arise. Health is precious. And like my time top priority. Taking good care of myself (mentally, physically) and devoting my time and energy to those things that matter. Healthy energetic entrepreneur = healthy and energetic business.

"I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer." 

 Jim Carrey

7 falsehoods about success

The 7 falsehoods about success I learned during my transformation and turnaround in my life.

1. Success = having a lot of money

Wanting money is not a problem. On the contrary. Gels is energy, and energy you need to live and do business. You are of value, you give value and you earn your value back. 

But real success? That comes from within. Personal growth, meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose = the satisfaction.

You can't buy that kind of satisfaction with money.

2. You cannot fail

As children, we are taught that failure is bad and have instilled in us that making mistakes at all costs is to be avoided. #perfectionism #impostersyndrome

The problem is ... the more risks you take, the more likely you are to achieve your dreams! The only real "failure" is taking no risk at all.

A coach of mine once said: "Rather imperfect actions, than perfect inactions".

And since I started using this principle, I have continued to develop and grow through all the imperfections and mistakes I make. And so I no longer punish myself, but rather see it as new valuable insights.

3. Your value = your achievement

No. You are so much more than your number of followers, your job title or your salary.

Determine what "success" actually means to you. Not what your family, environment, society has told you it is. This is a good exercise to visualize your dream life. 

Because of this, I recognized that I could make so much more impact with my value in my own way in my own company. No longer to be limited by my position, the bureaucracy, headquarters and all the internal procedures/regulations within corporate business. Now I can live and do business on my own terms. 

My Life first, supported by my Business second.

4. There is one perfect person (partner, client) for you. You just have to find each other.

You won't find a perfect person. You both have to work to become the right person for each other. 

Find someone who is willing to work with you on the relationship - applies privately and professionally.

5. Always put others first

Yes, of course it is important to be kind and considerate of others ... but saying "Yes" to everything and going over your own limits is the quickest route to burnout.

Put on your own oxygen mask first and only then for the other person.

To say "No" to the other is to say "Yes" to yourself.

6. You have to be perfect

The best advice I received early on was "be interesting, not perfect." And so what I say to my clients, "be remarkable." Because it is precisely those remarkable things that make you stand out and make you interesting to another person.

Because by now I've figured out that perfection is an unattainable standard. It leads to fear of failure, perfectionism, imposter syndrome (and many other nonsense that doesn't make us stronger, happier and more successful 😉 ).

Be happy with all your quirks. If you only show a smooth surface to others, there are no "cracks" for someone to grab onto in order to get close to you. Nor will you be noticed by others.

7. Just wait for the right moment

There will never be a "perfect moment." If you keep waiting for it, you will never get started. If you want to live your life and your business on your terms, go for it. Through trial and error, many mistakes and new successes. But eventually you're going to see the progression and get to the position where you want to be. To that leadership position in your life and professional life where you do what you do best, energize and make an impact.

Success is your choice. Go photograph it!

One Life. Lead it. Live it.

Have a great week,


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